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 photo by archives RTA, RUS
Years of life:
27.04.1971 - 00.00.1997
No pedigree:
Dark braun/Bay
Stud farm "Kirow stud"
Stud farm "Ryazan (Opytny VNIIK) horse stud"
Offsprings in base:
96 stallions
94 mares
2 geldings
Successfully raced (Rostov-73, Baku-74). 1974: I-double events Rostov Championship for young horses. Used in studs: Nemuno 1978-79, Ganschow 1979-81 (were licensed 11 daughters, 1 son), Ryazan' 1982-88 & 1991-97, Chutovo 1989-90. Frozen semen.



Bloodline / Tail-family:

Pilger / Kiewitt

Inbreeding: Pilger: III:IV; Monsieur Gabriel: VI-VII:VII-VI-VIII; Hirtenknabe: VIII-VIII:VIII; Fürstenberg (Fuerstenberg): VII-VIII:VIII; Tempelhüter: V-VI-V:VI-V-VII-V-VIII; Perfectionist: VI-VIII-VII-VI:VII-VIII-VIII-VI-VIII; Teschen: VIII:VIII-VIII; Shilfa: VI:VII-VI; Isonomy: VIII:VIII-VIII; Optimus: VII-VII-VII:VIII-VII-VII; Elwin: VII:VIII; Markeur: VII:VI; Padorus: VIII-VII:VII; Pythagoras: III:V; Dampfross: IV:VI-V; Red Prince II: VI:VIII-VIII-VII; Jagdheld: V:VII; Polarsturm: VI:VIII-VIII; Sportwelt (RUS Fam): IV:VI;
Ostrjak , RTRK
D-BR, 1955, RUS
Ossian, TRK
D-BR, 1937, RUS
Pilger, TRK
BR, 1926, GER
Luftgott, E.PRUS
BR, 1921, GER
Palasthüterin (Palasthueterin), TRK
D-BR, 1918, GER
Ostia, TRK
BR, 1933, GER
Sudan, TRK
D-BR, 1925, GER
Osterburg, TRK
BR, 1927, GER
Sportfreude, TRK
D-BR, 1938, RUS
Pythagoras, TRK
D-BR, 1927, GER
Dampfross, E.PRUS
CH, 1916, GER
Pechmarie, TRK
BR, 1917, GER
Sportliebe, TRK
BL, 1932, RUS
Ararad, TRK
BL, 1921, GER
Sportwelt (RUS Fam), E.PRUS
BL, 1918, GER
Etel'ka, RTRK
BL, 1964, RUS
Ekspromt, RTRK
BL/BR, 1955, RUS
Eifel ex Perkeo (RUS N 62), TRK
BL/BR, 1939, RUS
Pilger, TRK
BR, 1926, GER
Persante, TRK
BR, 1917, GER
Afischa, RTRK
BL/BR, 1949, RUS
Albergo, TRK
D-BR, 1936, GER
Sportulle ex Sportdame, TRK
BL, 1943, RUS
Teorema (RUS Fam.№269), TRK
D-CH, 1952, RUS
Termit, TRK
D-CH, 1933, RUS
Hyperion, TRK
CH, 1926, GER
Technik, TRK
CH, 1922, GER
Mechanika, TRK
CH, 1947, RUS
Markasit, E.PRUS
D-CH, 1934, RUS
Heidelerche, TRK
GR, 1938, RUS

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Breast volume:191.0

Elena Zobova Not only old, classical Trakehner aristocracy - in the best meaning of the word - has been recreated and conserved in the dark bay stallion, also multipurpose sportivity, that once made Russian Trakehner breed world renowned - based on proven ancestors, relatives and own performances. The maternal mare line of this stallion traces back to the mare Teorema, born in 1952 at Kirow horse stud, a dark chestnut of medium size, in whose pedigree the chestnut color was predominant. Her sire Termit appeared in 1933 at Hauptgestut Trakehnen out of the mating of the Dampfross son Hyperion with the mare Technik by Tempelhuter. In the stallion line developed by Hyperion the emphasis lied in their beauty, type, elegance and high intelligence, which could be utilized in many ways. Termit and his offspring embodied the fulfillment of the dreams of almost all horse breeders in the world: overall beauty, good caliber and a highly balanced motion mechanism were combined to the desired perfection. On the dam side Teorema belonged to the old mare family of Kiewitt - Haleb and was the daughter of the proven mare Mechanika. Among the get of this Markasit daughter we could find two breeding stallions, both sired by the legendary Pythagoras son Piligrim - black Pamir, born in 1958 - the chief sire at Kirow horse stud from 1966 till 1975, who became famous due to his son chestnut stallion Espadron (b. 1971 out of Epika by Pomeranez ox) - the individual silver and team gold medalist at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, and black Predmet, born in 1960, who was imported to Germany in 1964, where he left two daughters before being resold to the Netherlands in 1969. During the 18 years of her life at Kirow horse stud Teorema produced nine life foals, who distinguished by very good breed type and suitability for breeding: they had a good frame and a good skeleton. A significant son of this mare was the breeding stallion and show jumping mount Tantal, born in 1967 by Topol ox. Outstanding in quality were her daughters Etelka, foaled in 1964 by Expromt and her full sister Etoile, born in 1965. The latter was successful in producing the breeding stallion Egoist by Ostrjak in 1974. In 1986 this big framed stallion with strong fundament, representing the type of his grandsire Pythagoras, was leased to Germany for three years and left 13 daughters there. Black mare Etelka was a small, noble Expromt daughter, who lived until her death at Kirow horse stud and gave birth to very valuable progeny there: two broodmares plus three breeding stallions - Elewer by Wympel, Erbil by Bresent xx and, of course, Eol by Ostrjak, who was particularly important for the breed. They all were clean and clear in type with defined outlines, good expression overall, impulsive in their movements, easy to ride and pleasant in temperament. Dark bay Expromt, born in 1955 at Kirow horse stud by Eifel out of Afischa by Albergo, was famous for his son chestnut stallion Ech-Ma (b. 1965 out of Hapuga by Hrisolit), who was widely used in breeding and produced very good sport horses, including German Trakehner Verband approved chestnut stallion Abrek (b. 1984 out of Aktrissa by Singapur xx). Eifel, ex Torero was without a doubt one of the most valuable stallions to come to the former USSR. This wonderful, expressive stallion was completely the type of Dampfross - Pythagoras and as a full brother to the foundation sire Totilas connected to the best of Trakehner breed. Eol's sire line was founded at Kirow horse stud by Ossian son Ostrjak out of Sportfreude by Pythagoras. Maternally Ostrjak was closely related to the performance sire Sporn - the full brother to Sportfreude - while on the paternal side he carried Pilger, who held a special position at Hauptgestut Trakehen as producer of a number of highly talented and successful horses. The dark bay Ostrjak born at Kirow horse stud in 1955, developed into one of the most prolific representatives for the Russian Trakehner breed. Awarded "Elite" - the highest possible grade given for breeding or sport value after proven success - Ostrjak started in his younger years in 17 races, resulting in 3 wins and 10 high placings. Later, he was wining and placing at show jumping competitions, but at the age of nine years Ostrjak was returned back to his native horse stud to pass on his valuable genes to more than 170 offspring. Brilliant jumping abilities, fantastic willingness to perform there were the traits that distinguished true sons of this foundation sire, to name but a few - dark bay Motor (b. 1966 out of Mebola by Miuss xx), black Olympic stallion Topki (B. 1972 out of Tropa by Pomeranez ox), bay Meson (b. 1972 out of Monopolija by Pomeranez ox) and his full brother Mramor, born in 1975, bay Egoist (b. 1974 out of Etoile by Expromt), dark bay Ekwator (b. 1976 out of Expansija by Pastoral). Being born on April 27, 1971 at Kirow horse stud, Eol was an exceptional horse with a very strong personality and pronounced character. This stallion was of medium frame (166 - 191 - 21.0), full of charm, harmony and equanimity, with pretty, expressive head, beautiful neck carriage, well-muscled body, medium strong foundation and excellent way of moving. At the age of four years Eol was approved for breeding and he did not disappoint his breeders. From the first foal crop, born in 1976, two colts became very influential breeding stallions - Blesk out of Bespetchnost by Pamir, who later replaced his sire at Kirow horse stud and Holl out of Hosjayka by Hohot, who became the chief sire at Kaliningrad horse stud, where he left several talented sport horses. The next year appeared successful eventer Holodok, ex Holod out of Hasa by Hrisolit and elite mare Bogema out of Banduristka by Belgorod xx; she was the dam of the dark bay stallion Biotop (b. 1988 by Poplin) sold to Germany in 1995 as a show jumping prospect. The year 1978 brought two breeding stallions again. Bay Wnuchek out of Wyhodka by Welt developed into the sire of well-known dressage geldings of Grand Prix level: Diwni out of Dochka by Duellant and Swist out of Serenada by Rosmarin xx, both foaled in 1989 at Pokrow horse stud. Another Eol son out of Hasa by Hrisolit was incredible performance stallion: during three years bay Herson competed in various national and international show jumping events together with his long time partner Harlam Simonija, winning the Cup of the USSR in 1987 and finishing second in the Championship of the USSR in 1988. This prematurely deceased stallion served at Kirow and Kavkaz horse studs during six years, producing nice types. His most prominent son is bay Heops (b. 1994 out of Olimpiada by Pavich), who started in international show jumping competitions under the Estonian flag before being sold to Norway. This stallion is approved for breeding as well. In 1979 bay stallion Pled out of Perewoska by Welt was born; he was used on the territory of the Ukraine. In 1980 Eol was loaned to the Ganschow stud farm near Gustrow, Germany for two years, where he produced eleven daughters and the approved stallion Odysseus out of Osterfest by Tower. His full sister Odyssee II is the dam of Arogno son Oxford, born in 1995. This dark chestnut is a brilliant type, noble stallion with great masculine charm, who is always regal in his appearance. Oxford already has two approved sons - Gutsherr I and II - one of which was premium stallion at his approval. Returned back, Eol was stationed at Ryazan horse stud, where from 1984 - 1989 foal crops came out bay stallion Otel (b. 1984 out of Oprawa II by Priwal) - the breeding stallion at Zlynsk horse stud, bay mare Poetessa (b. 1984 out of Praga by Gret) - the dam of the renowned dressage stallion Pingwin (b. 1992 by Gret), who was imported to Germany, black show jumping gelding Weresk (b. 1985 out of Wampira by Pamir), show jumping mares bay Odetta II (b. 1986 out of Oprawa II by Priwal) and bay Trel (b. 1986 out of Tissa by Siluet II), bay broodmare Polemika (b. 1986 out of Pampuschka by Paket) - the dam of admirable show jumping stallion Parnas (b. 1990 by Rafael), very interesting breeding stallion Hameleon (b. 1987 out of Hlipkaja by Pamir), who has three active offspring in show jumping: chestnut gelding Eholot (b. 1994 out of Elisa by Heopsas), chestnut mares Plichta (b. 1995 out of Palanga by Eleksiras) and Erotika (b. 1995 out of Espanola by Heopsas), all foaled at Rossija horse stud farm, bay broodmare Orhideja (b. 1987 out of Opara by Paket) - the dam of recently approved chestnut stallion Organ (b. 1992 by Gret), show jumping and breeding stallion in Belarus bay Hempton (b. 1989 out of Hama by Maat). In 1989 Eol was leased again, this time to the Ukraine, for two years, resulting in three remarkable breeding as well as successful show jumping stallions: bay Per (b. 1990 out of Prima by Ripon xx), who was sold to Germany, his full brother bay Pion, foaled in 1991, and dark bay Realist (b. 1991 out of Ritorika by Temp), who was moved to Russia in 1999. In 1993 again at Ryazan horse stud Eol left two breathtaking show jumping horses - black stallion Park Avenue, ex Pompey out of Poema by Oreol and bay gelding Ocherk out of Opara by Paket. Before being sold to Germany in 2003, Park Avenue was used in breeding for a few years. All his offspring develop exceptionally well, they are large-framed with an easy movement always performed in cadence and fantastic jumping technics. In 1994 bay stallion Gerz out of Gasel by Sakasnik xx - the winner of young horse comprtitions in 1997 - and very interesting bay show jumping gelding Herssoness out of Harsa by Sakasnik xx were born. Living a long and productive life, Eol died in 1997 at the age of 26 years. This stallion was considered one of the most reliable in its gene pool with respect to type, distinction and intelligence. Eol combined nobility with rideability and gaits in a class of their own. According to the greatest significance he became the supporting pillar of Russian Trakehner breed.

Elena Zobova

Last update was 29.01.2010