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Hockey (Khockey)


 Photo by unknown
Years of life:
25.02.1973 - 00.00.1994
№ brand/chip:
No pedigree:
Stud farm "Kirow stud"
Stud farm "Kirow stud"
Offsprings in base:
149 stallions
153 mares
8 geldings
1986: was awarded the state premium.



Bloodline / Tail-family:

Priboj / Sapadnja (RUS Fam. N118)

Pomeranets, OX
CH, 1952, RUS
Priboj, OX
CH, 1944, RUS
Piolun, OX
CH, 1934, RUS
Koheilan I, OX
GR, 1922, HUN
Dziewanna, OX
GR, 1922, POL
Rissalma (Fam. ox), OX
CH, 1932, RUS
Shareer, OX
BR, 1923, RUS
Rissla, OX
CH, 1917, GBR
Mammona (RASB Fam. N 74 ox), OX
BR, 1939, RUS
Ofir, OX
BR, 1933, RUS
Kuhailan Haifi, OX
BR, 1923, POL
Dziwa (RASB Fam. N 20 ox), OX
BR, 1922, RUS
Krucica, OX
CH, 1929, RUS
Farys II, OX
GR, 1905, POL
Dora, OX
CH, 1922, POL
Hasa, RTRK
BR, 1957, RUS
Hrisolit, RTRK
CH, 1950, RUS
Hitrez ex Tropenheld, TRK
CH, 1944, RUS
Helikon, TRK
CH, 1937, GER
Tropenzone, TRK
CH, 1924, GER
Angara ex Artemis (RUS Fam. N 14), TRK
CH, 1944, RUS
Alibi, TRK
CH, 1932, GER
Arosa, TRK
CH, 1935, GER
Sapadnja (RUS Fam. N118), RTRK
D-BR, 1951, RUS
Sund, TRK
BL/BR, 1936, RUS
Pilger, TRK
BR, 1926, GER
Susanne, TRK
BR, 1931, GER
Pava, E.PRUS
D-BR, 1943, RUS

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пїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅ пїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅ / Photo by:

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Breast volume:193.0

Evidently, Khokkey was one of the best breeding stallions of Kirov horse stud in Russia. During the long and prolific life he produced more than 350 offspring by natural covering, including 70 broodmares, which are used in breeding not only in Russia, but all over the world. At the present time eleven sons of Khokkey are the breeding stallions in Russia plus five stallions, which are available for breeding in Europe and North America. Khokkey was foaled on February 25, 1973 at Kirov horse stud, located in the south of Russia in Salsk prairies about 140 kilometers far from Rostov-on Don. His dam Khaza was 16 years old, when the bay stallion, primarily named Khlyupik, was born. This bay elite mare had a very sweet disposition and embodied the powerful, full-bodied, large-framed and elegant mare model, but looked a bit on the heavy side – just the way all horses from Kupferhammer sire line were. Her sire Khrizolit, the son of German bred Khitrets and Angara by Alibi, started his career in sport rather successfully, but his life ended very early due to incarceration of bubonocele. Khrizolit left 58 foals, who had a lot of blood and desired type, including three excellent sport horses and breeding stallions: chestnut Khokhot (out of Khvala by Hyperion) competed in show jumping, chestnut Khrip (out of Paklya by Pythagoras) was high class dressage stallion, while dark bay Khrust (out of Tma by Termit) was sold to Dnepropetrovsky horse stud, Ukraine. Khaza’s dam East Prussian mare Zapadnya by Sund established her own dam family in Russian Trakehner breed, which produced numerous breeding stallions, to name but a few - Sapros by Pepel approved in Germany and Zaslon by Sezam xx, standing at Kirov horse stud. Khaza left for the breed six elite daughters, including bay Tikhonya by Topol ox – the dam of approved stallion Trafaret by Almanakh I, 16 granddaughters and three breeding stallions. They are show jumping champion and Kirov elite stallion Kherson by Eol, who was highly estimated by German Trakehner Verband, elite stallion Khaymat by Maat, who was sold to the Ukraine, and Khokkey. Narrow, large-boned and elegant was the way Khokkey looked at one and a half, when he arrived at the racing stable of Rostovsky hippodrome and was broken under the saddle to be tested in flat races, like any over colt, bred at Kirov horse stud at those times. But, unfortunately, flat racing was not his fancy. In the mean time his contenders strived for victory, Khokkey amasingly cantered with excited tail swishing, turning his noble head from the left side to the right side, curiously looking at the spectators, who shouted from the tribunes. Khokkey raced insufficiently, winning none of three races he took part in. Pomeranets ox – the sire of Khokkey – was legendary Arabian stallion, who had huge influence on Arabian and warmblood breeds in Russia. This representative of Piolun ox sire line inherited specific chestnut color, bright koheilan-siglavi type and excellent basic gaits. Pomeranets ox was strong large stallion (height in whithers – 157 cm, girth – 182 cm, cannon bone – 19.5 cm) with noble head, favorable shaped long neck, nice whithers, shoulders, ribcage, loins and croup; his foundation was very solid, strong-boned and powerful in all parts. Pomeranets ox’s sire chestnut Priboy ox was the best son of Polish bred Piolun ox by Koheilan I, chestnut stallion born in 1934 and brought to Tersky horse stud in 1939, where he was used only for three years until his death in 1944. His dam Dziewanna ox was the daughter of remarkable Bakszysz ox, famous as the sire of grey Fetysz ox, foaled in 1924 at Janov Podlasky horse stud in Poland, who was active at the Main Stud Trakehnen from 1937. Bakszysz ox also sired excellent mare Elegantka ox, whose particularly beautiful and relatively large chestnut son Lowelas ox by Koheilan I ox, foaled in 1930, came to the Main Stud Trakehnen in 1940. Of six races Piolun ox ran, he won three and was placed second in three. At Tersky horse stud Piolun ox gave excellent offspring not only from Polish, but also from French and English mares. One of the mares, purchased in England, was chestnut Rissalma ox, who turned to be outstanding broodmare and produced brilliant racing horse and breeding stallion in Priboy ox. The dam of Pomeranets ox bay mare Mammona ox by the very typical koheilan stallion Ofir ox was the best and most prolific among broodmares brought from Poland. She established her own dam family at Tersky horse stud, but before Mammona ox was used in breeding, she had to cover the distance of 1800 kilometers from Janov Podlasky horse stud to Tersky horse stud. Her dam Krucica ox by Farys II ox was the maternal grand daughter of Bakszysz ox. For the first time Pomeranets ox – the champion of Arabian breed in 1955 and 1956 – was taken on lease by Kirov horse stud in 1959. In 1960 dark bay stallion Paket was born out of Emblema I by Eifel. At the Olympic Games 1968 in Mexico this 8 years old stallion finished the cross-country course with 37.91 points under the saddle of Pavel Deev, just 0.97 points ahead of the French rider, who even did not hope to win, because he knew how easily the Russian jumped. But during the last day of competition Paket was eliminated, because of a mistake made by his rider on the show jumping course. Only a few breeders and riders knew how much the wonderful dark chestnut could achieve in equestrian sport. Since 1973 Paket became the breeding stallion at his native horse stud and during 7 years sired 73 offspring, including bay stallion Poputchik born in 1975 out of Petunya by Piligrim and maternal half brother to Almox Prints J bay stallion Poplin, born in 1976 out of Pavana by Welt, who showed the outstanding results in such tough discipline as eventing. For the second time Pomeranets ox arrived at Kirov horse stud in 1965. His progeny born in 1966 included three elite broodmares: chestnut Monopoliya out of Molodost by Mius xx – the dam of two very good breeding stallions and full brothers Mezon and Mramor by Ostryak; chestnut Tropa out of Takhta by Termit – the dam of elite black stallion Topki by Ostryak, incredible jumping horse with dream like pedigree, team gold medalist at the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow, chief sire at Kirov horse stud since 1977 and bay Epika out of Emblema I by Eifel – the dam of elite chestnut stallion Espadron by Pamir, individual silver and team gold medalist at the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow, main sire at Kirov horse Two years before his death in 1972 Pomeranets ox returned back to Kirov horse stud for the third time to sire his most prominent son Khokkey as well as bay stallion Vykhlop out of Velikolepnaya by Plafon xx, who was used in breeding of Budyonny horses. Without doubt, Pomeranets ox was very influental because of his genetic dominance and distinctive type, the willingness to perform was the most significant trait of this impressive sire. Pomeranets ox not only strengthened readiness to perform and health of Russian Trakehners, he brought new important genes to the breed. In 1976 three years old Khokkey was approved for breeding and arrived to Kirov horse stud to be used for selected mares and continue the dynasty of noble warmblood horses of Trakehner origin. Khokkey was 167 cm high in whithers and had the beautiful head and neck of the Arabian, the well defined handsome face, the fine harmony of the entire body, which impacted a natural balance in any time and in any position. Khokkey was the stallion of excellent character, always whether he was being groomed or ridden or even when he was breeding, he was like a lamb. In 1994 Khokkey was sold to Denmark, where he spent the last months of his life under the best of care and loving conditions with Palle Thisted, the breeder of Trakehner horses from Aarhus; his life ended in December 1994 at the age of 21 years. Famous offspring on the dressage and show jumping scene Khokkey’s get are of very correct and stylish exterior with delicate faces, even better than their sire as regards trotting. Khokkey produced horses that could be ridden by all and sundry, level headed, easy to get along with, prepared to perform and endowed with a high rideability. The first famous dressage horse sired by Khokkey was bay gelding Zaporozhets foaled in 1980 out of Zabota by Almanakh I. During many years he performed in the competitions of Grand Prix level together with his rider Inessa Poturaeva. Always ready and willing, in good mood every day Zaporozhets could passage with or without bridle and saddle. He died in January 2000 at the age of 20 years during his training in the fields. In 1987 bay gelding Podkhod out of Povestka by Papirus and dark chestnut stallion Arlekin out of Avtomatika by Vympel were born. The latter was successful in the dressage ring up to Intermediare I, while Podkhod, ridden by Elena Sidneva, represented Russian dressage team at European Championships in Verden (1997) and Aarhus (1999), World Championship in Rome (1998) and Olympic Games in Sidney (2000). Podkhod with his beautiful exterior and eye-catching movements captured the hearts of numerous dressage fans. One of the former top horses at the stables of Ulla Salzgeber bay gelding Perekhlest, born in 1989 out of Pepela by Papirus was a mount with unbelievable elasticity, an excellent passage and piaffe. The elegant, thoroughly harmonius appearance of chestnut stallion Oskar, born in 1990 out of Obitel by Blesk, always caused the American audience to be spellbound. In the hands of Hokan Thorn this diamond, approved by the American Trakehner Association with great score for type, conformation and gaits, is master scholar, who easily learned even the most difficult dressage lessons. Tatyana Yanson from Moscow can thank her successful results in Grand Prix of Lipica, Brno and Jozefin to her bay gelding Prokaznik, born in 1992 out of Prosba by Brezent xx. But it has not been just the international dressage arenas, where Khokkey has proved his consistency. His offspring stood out in the show jumping courses as well. The mighty power and charisma of Almox Prints J made him completely different from other horses. The secret of this dark bay stallion, approved by German Trakehner Verband, was his character and the will to do everything and to jump anything. Almox Prints J won several Nations Cups, Grand Prix of Wiesbaden and Rotterdam as well as took part in the Olympic Games 1992 in Barcelona. Another of the successful jumping horses by Khokkey was bay gelding Pakhar, born in 1981 out of Pepela by Papirus, who won several advanced level jumping tests under Vladimir Voshchakin. Chestnut stallion Bokal, born in 1988 out of Bakhroma by Blesk was rather successful under a jumping saddle until he started breeding mares at Kaliningradsky horse stud, Russia. Breeding Khokkey’s sons breed in practically all breeding areas. The bay Orekh, born in 1986 out of Optika by Prospekt, who radiates the same presence his sire had, is the breeding stallion at Kirov horse stud and has already sired nice dressage horses. At Zlynsky horse stud, Russia there is dark bay Orsk, born in 1983 out of Ovsyanitsa by Welt, who has sired bay stallion Ochag out of Hannoverian mare Grenada by Geliy imported to the USA. In St. Petersburg region at the horse stud farm “Zevs” stands bay Piket, the full brother of Almox Prints J, who is now 22 years old. On the starting block is another bay Khokkey’s son Skhol, foaled in 1987 out of Strogaya by Ostryak, who has already produced nice foals at horse stud “Kolos” in Krasnodar, Russia. At the Trakehner Hengstmarkt 2003 in Neumunster one stallion got a lot of attention: the most stunning Khokkey’s son Lowelas out of Lugowen by Inster Graditz, who is a highly correct stallion with a strong foundation, with movements that just blow away and jumping abilities above average. Lowelas is the best combination of elegance and caliber. Only his weak walk kept this chestnut from being the champion in Neumunster 2003. It was not just his sons that made Khokkey so precious. Having a Khokkey broodmare in their stables has been the source of successful offspring for many breeders. At Kirov horse stud Khokkey’s daughters Oblozhka gave birth to chestnut Otradnaya by Topky in 1983, while Etiketka foaled in 1987 dark bay Efedra by Erot xx. Both mares were very good jumping horses under the saddle of Nataliya Simoniya. Since Dr. Reiner Klimke rode on the ingenious dark bay stallion from Kirov horse stud, it was hard for the brilliant rider from Munster to think about leaving the international dressage arena. Biotop (born in 1985, Blesk – Plaksa by Khokkey), who motivated the rider-legend newly and brought fun to him, now stays at the family as a spectacular will of Dr. Reiner Klimke. Bay mare Pryakha by Khokkey produced show jumping horse and German Trakehner Verband approved stallion Long Deal, ex Parus by Alarm in 1988 and the year after dressage jewel in dark bay stallion Quixotte Priboy by Blesk. In Russia, when we consider a stallion of the century, we refer to Khokkey. His hereditary transmission is unequalled in respect to rideability, seating comfort, affability and preparedness to perform. Truly a legendary stallion, bred strictly according to the golden recipe and already part of the annal of history.

Elena Zobova

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