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 photo by archives Kirow horse stud, RUS
Years of life:
26.03.1976 - 00.00.1993
No pedigree:
Stud farm "Kirow stud"
Stud farm "Kirow stud"
Offsprings in base:
79 stallions
84 mares
1 geldings



Bloodline / Tail-family:

Pilger / Herculessche

Inbreeding: Monsieur Gabriel: VII-VIII-VIII-VII:VIII; Perfectionist: VII-VII-VIII:VII-VII-VIII-VII-VIII; Elwin: VIII:VIII; Pythagoras: IV-VI:IV; Ararad: V:V; Jagdheld: VI-VIII:VI; Povona: VIII:VIII-VII; Termit: IV:IV; Mechanika: IV:III; Gallinule: VIII:VIII-VII-VIII; Parsival: VII:VI-VI;
D-BR, 1971, RUS
Ostrjak , RTRK
D-BR, 1955, RUS
Ossian, TRK
D-BR, 1937, RUS
Pilger, TRK
BR, 1926, GER
Ostia, TRK
BR, 1933, GER
Sportfreude, TRK
D-BR, 1938, RUS
Pythagoras, TRK
D-BR, 1927, GER
Sportliebe, TRK
BL, 1932, RUS
Etel'ka, RTRK
BL, 1964, RUS
Ekspromt, RTRK
BL/BR, 1955, RUS
Eifel ex Perkeo (RUS N 62), TRK
BL/BR, 1939, RUS
Afischa, RTRK
BL/BR, 1949, RUS
Teorema (RUS Fam.№269), TRK
D-CH, 1952, RUS
Termit, TRK
D-CH, 1933, RUS
Mechanika, TRK
CH, 1947, RUS
Bespetschnost', RTRK
BL/BR, 1967, RUS
Pamir, TRK
BL, 1958, RUS
Piligrim ex Alpenjäger (RUS N 33), TRK
BL, 1943, RUS
Pythagoras, TRK
D-BR, 1927, GER
Alster, TRK
BL, 1928, GER
Mechanika, TRK
CH, 1947, RUS
Markasit, E.PRUS
D-CH, 1934, RUS
Heidelerche, TRK
GR, 1938, RUS
Britva, RTRK
BR, 1960, RUS
Belgorod, XX
BR, 1949, RUS
Baltic Baron, XX
BR, 1938, RUS
Gafira, XX
BR, 1942, RUS
Tarusa, RTRK
CH, 1951, RUS
Termit, TRK
D-CH, 1933, RUS
Pulen ex Polomba (RUS Fam.№235), TRK
GR, 1943, RUS

Photo by: private archives, RUS

Photo by: private archives, RUS

Breast volume:205.0

Nobility, appeal and clean conformation defined this stallion. He showed a sound strength of character, good rideability, wonderful gaits and talented jumping. His performance, type and pedigree produced offspring with excellent movements and jumping style, while at the same time retaining and improving the existing quality. On March 26, 1976 at the breeding stable of Kirow horse stud the black mare Bespechnost gave birth to her fourth foal. The jet black colt by Eol was named Blesk, what in Russian language means "Brilliance", and definitely he was the only diamond among eight foals of this luxurious broodmare. Her dam line goes back, via the stallions Belgorod xx (by Baltic Baron xx) and Termit (by Hyperion), to the dark grey mare Pulen, ex Polomba the daughter of the renowned Arabian stallion Fetysz ox. The black stallion Pamir - the sire of Bespechnost - was obviously the best son of legendary black stallion Piligrim, born in 1944 at Hauptgestut Trakehnen. Foaled in 1958 out of Mechanika by Markasit, Pamir was exceptionally breedy and typical stallion with very beautiful head, good back line, massive and deep body, but rather heavy, not long neck and the defects of the front legs, which he often passed on to his progeny. During 10 years at Kirow horse stud, he sired more than 100 offspring, including two breeding stallions and 15 broodmares. His glorious son Espadron (b. 1971 out of Epika by Pomeranets ox) was large, impressive dark chestnut stallion with the type of his sire, who represented the model of show jumping horse with short and strong back line. Espadron was the multiple champion of the USSR, but above all he won team gold and individual silver medals at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow under the saddle of Nikolay Korolkov. After having started the breeding career as a four-year old, Blesk started his training in the following year for a career in show jumping. The gorgeous stallion with a big heart showed incredible force over fences in height and width. In 1981 Blesk became the champion of the USSR, but the year after he was injured. That was when his rider decided to take him out. Since his first foals were born, Blesk became very popular at Kirow horse stud with numerous excellent descendants out every year. Being 172 cm high, Blesk emanated grandeur and had a well shaped head and a clear eye, aristocratically arched neck, fine angled shoulder and powerful back - the fabulous conformation, which generated the ideal Russian Trakehner type of true show jumping horse. As well as all this Blesk was able to produce first class conformation and pass his robust model on to his sons and daughters, who are tremendous horses either in sport or in breeding. His production is famous for its beauty. It is rare to come across a Blesk that is not pleasant to look at. This ability combined with exceptional mental qualities and correct movement ensured that this black stallion could create dressage horses such as Biotop, Balta, Alebastr, Quixotte Priboy, Romanov and others. Dark bay stallion Biotop became world famous in international dressage. He was bred at Kirow horse stud in 1985 out of Plaksa by Hokkey and first sold to Belgium, where Dr. Reiner Klimke spotted him in 1992, took him for further training and began a steep, rocket-like career on the firmament of the great dressage stars in the following years. Under this brilliant rider Biotop had a string of successes at Grand Prix level. The combination were the 1994/1995 champions of the Western European league in the World Cup, attaining fourth place in the finals. Then in 1995 and 1996 they won the individual and team silver medals respectively at the German Championships. As many dressage lovers witnessed Biotop had his very own ideas of how his training should proceed, which probably was the reason he never made it to the Olympics, but he was the most extravagant dressage horse Germany had seen up to his time - Klimke's "biggest challenge" and also his big love. Spectacular movements with high elasticity and rhythm, especially in the extended trot, captured the crowds, while exceptional appearance of a high-class sport and breeding stallion, fantastic aura with considerable frame, strong foundation with long legs, big hoofs and good joints made Biotop unique for breeders. He covered the first mares in Germany in 1998; among his most interesting offspring are approved bay stallion Goldschmidt (b. 2000 out of Golstuck by Hohenstein) with a clearly masculine type, athletic conformation and powerful gaits and bay mare Shakira (b. 1999 out of Shira II by Konigspark xx), who was selected as the "annual champion Trakehner mare" in Neumunster in October 2002. It is clear that Biotop transmits his beautiful face and the very good neck, his long legs and his cleverness. Another rather famous Blesk son in dressage was black stallion Alebastr (b. 1986 out of Avtomatika by Wympel) under the saddle of Ukrainian rider Yury Kovshov, probably a little bit less successful in competitions than Biotop, but with the same charm and wonderful movements. The horse of unbelievable suspension and movement was liver chestnut mare Balta, born in 1985 at Kirow horse stud by Blesk out of Toska by Almanach I. She used to perform at Grand Prix level with Inessa Poturaeva before being sold to an amateur rider from Germany. Her full brother chestnut gelding Tabor, born in 1990, went on in numerous international competitions under the name "Russian Dance" with Russian Svetlana Knyazeva. In 2003 Tabor moved to Austria at the stable of Russian dressage team member Elena Sidneva and got the new name "Romanov". German Ulla Salzgeber - world and European champion in dressage - knows something more about Blesk's offspring: "All of them have very good movements, good character and beautiful faces". She used to train chestnut gelding Oblik (b. 1984 out of Onega by Almanach I), whom she sold to Austria. Another son of Blesk from Salzgeber's stable bay stallion Ebor (b. 1988 out of Etiketka by Hokkey) broke his leg and had to be put to sleep. His full brother dark bay stallion Erbit, born in 1989, fulfilled all the requirements of his rider Lyudmila Amineva and was reigning supreme at St. George Prix and Intermediare I tests for several years. Dark bay stallion Quixotte Priboy (b. 1989 out of Prjacha by Hokkey) was victorious in dressage horse classes at Grand Prix level with French rider Mariette Almasy. At the age of 17 years liver chestnut stallion Welbot (b. 1987 out of Wavilonka by Wychodets) is still active in dressage arenas. His energetic movements and beautiful head touch the heart of almost every dressage fan. Hopefully, this stallion will be retired at stud after his career in sport. Although Russian Trakehner breeders did not recognize Blesk as a producer of show jumping horses, he could make quite nice jumpers for any kind of rider. Some years ago dark bay gelding Osobnjak (b. 1988 out of Opechatka by Ech-Ma) was sold to Equador as a future jumping prospect. Bay gelding Biskvit (b. 1981 out of Welikolepnaja by Plafon xx) was the champion of the Ukraine, while dark bay gelding Obzor (b. 1993 out of Operetta by Plavun) had tournament successes with numerous victories in national and international events. In 2003 Obzor won the Championship of Russia, held in Moscow, and now he is in top form and ready to compete at CSI*** Moscow this September. For many Russian Trakehner breeders it is very important to have a Blesk son, serving at their stud. Early deceased dark bay stallion Obrjad (b. 1984 out of Orlica by Almanach I) stood at Starozhilovo horse stud, where nice dressage types could be seen. There is a great future for bay stallion Obruch (b. 1991 out of Olcha by Hokkey), who is used at Kirow horse stud at the present time. Black stallion Boprit (b. 1983 out of Posa by Opyt) presented some talented sport horses at different horse studs all over the territory of the former USSR, while black stallion Boets (b. 1986 out of Opechatka by Ech-Ma) is serving in Latvia and bay stallion Bor (b. 1985 out of Oratorija by Almanach I) was used in the Ukraine for several years before being sold to Germany. But one of the most popular dressage and jumping sires at Kirow horse stud is beautiful black stallion Bug (b. 1985 out of Gitara by Papirus). He has already sired excellent young horses in various shows across the country, to name but a few - dark bay stallion Barbaris (b. 1997 out of Babochka by Brezent xx) in show jumping and chestnut stallion Buben (b. 1997 out of Batareja by Alarm) in dressage. Without a doubt, the best daughter of Blesk was outstanding dark bay mare Obitel (b. 1981 out of Olcha by Plafon xx). Among her 11 foals she produced the successful show jumper and breeding stallion dark bay Oreol (b. 1988 by Espadron) as well as ATA approved dressage chestnut stallion Oskar (b. 1990 by Hokkey). In 1994 Palle Thisted - Trakehner breeder from Aarhus - imported Blesk to Denmark together with two other "Kirow stars" Hokkey and Topki. Blesk only lived for a short time there and did not cover any mare. Blesk deserves a place of honour in the Russian Trakehner breed pantheon, between other great progenitors such as Hokkey, Topki, Eol, Holl, Fokus, Ech-Ma and companions…

Elena Zobova

Last update was 18.09.2005